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The anti-gravity treadmill is a piece of equipment that allows you to walk, run and train using a variable percentage of your body weight.  Air in a pressure controlled airtight enclosure creates a powerful lifting force that allows for ultra-low impact movement.

The treadmill is used to help retain fitness during rehabilitation.  It also enables you to increase the amount of training whilst minimising the risk of stress related injuries.  It can also be used for effective conditioning and performance optimisation using partial body weight.

Once in your neoprene shorts on the treadmill you will be zipped into a pressurised airtight enclosure and you will slowly feel the air pressure inside lift you off the treadmill surface.

Walking or running becomes effortless in this weightless environment.  The pressure inside the enclosure can be altered; reducing your weight by up to 80% in precise 1% increments, in turn giving you control over recovery and rehabilitation.

Watt Bike
The Wattbike can be used by anybody and is a useful tool for anyone interested in cycling or general fitness. From keep fit fanatics looking to improve their fitness or lose weight all the way through to professional cyclists trying to get that slight advantage on their rivals,
the Wattbike monitors a broad range of parameters and can be used as a scientific tool for measuring power output, cadence, heart rate or the efficiency of your pedalling technique.
Each Wattbike is factory calibrated and has a mean accuracy of 2% across the whole power range which is great for providing accurate data time and time again. This makes it an invaluable tool for any athlete looking to improve their cycling performance.
By linking a Wattbike to a computer or laptop via the Wattbike Expert Software the parameters that the Wattbike measures can be used by anyone, which provides the amateur athlete with an extraordinary range of monitoring that was previously only available to the world’s top cyclists. The wattbike also has a unique set of features that mean the resistance can be added via magnetic braking or air resistance. This makes it unlike any other indoor bike as riding on the Wattbike feels like riding on the road or track no matter what resistance you choose.


AlterG  (30 minute supervised session) £20
AlterG (30 minute unsupervised session) £10
AlterG (block of ten 30 minute sessions) £90
Watt Bike (60 minute session) £10