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Clinical Pilates tonight at @PerformSGP - 18.30! Excellent for flexibility and strength building! Call 01283 576333 to enquire. #Pilates
Check out Facebook for photos of our Athlete Sponsorship testing Day. We'll be introducing the 3 winners next week! https://t.co/IV1pYMqwoe
RT @fcbusiness: Michael Johnson Performance Welcomes Elite Duo http://t.co/uk3TN6P2Rk @mjp360
RT @FCBarcelona: VIDEO - Inside view: Training camp in Birmingham, day 1 http://t.co/dn7y2gyHtP #stageFCB http://t.co/JHCigscUmp
Check out Perform Facebook for imagery of @FCBarcelona: @3gerardpique & co's first day of training here! https://t.co/Ua6WcOikfj