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Our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool provides the ideal environment for rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy (also referred to as aquatic physiotherapy) provides a warm, relaxed atmosphere for treating chronic and acute conditions. It can be useful in treating a wide variety of conditions including soft tissue injury, bone injury, arthritis, neurological conditions and post –surgery or joint replacement. It is particularly suitable for orthopaedic pre and postoperative patients.

The benefits of aquatic therapy include:
•         Pain relief
•         Reduction in muscle spasm
•         Increased joint range of movement
•         Muscle strengthening
•         Improved circulation•  
Retraining of balance and co-ordination

The water temperature of 34°C provides the optimum temperature for muscle relaxation. This helps to decrease pain, increase range of movement and increase muscle activity. The buoyancy of the water enables movement to be either assisted or resisted and allows for more fluid movements. The aim is to gain flexibility of joints, strengthen muscles and enhance core stability to restore or improve function.
Water also provides an excellent medium in which to increase patient confidence and motivation prior to embarking on dry land exercise. The buoyancy of the water allows many people to exercise where they struggle on land, be that due to reduced weight bearing status, or pain on weight bearing. Due to the reduced gravity environment this is less stress on joints, allowing more effective exercising.

Further information:
Patients are accompanied in the pool by a physiotherapist throughout their session and it is not necessary for patients to be able to swim or get their head wet in order to benefit from hydrotherapy.  This service is suitable for patients of all ages.


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