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Mery Zanutto is a leading light in the field of body conditioning and rehabilitation.
With a passion for the three-dimensional nature of body movement, joint kinetics and athletic performance, Mery’s unique therapy programme is rooted in medical experience gained over a long period of time.

Specialising in enhanced sporting performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention, she creates personalised, one-to-one programmes that are designed to suit each client’s individual needs.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or sportsman, are returning from injury, or just wish to improve your flexibility, strength and agility, Mery’s expert training programmes can help.

Mery uses a fusion of techniques, taken from the disciplines of Pilates, Garuda®, Gyrotonics®, Gyrokeneses®, Yoga and Tai Chi, as well as influences from the Alexander Technique that focuses on balance, posture and co-ordination.

Her tailored programmes are based on scientifically proven research and combine strength, flexibility, endurance and dynamism. 

A trained Rehabilitation Stott Pilates® instructor and fully certified Garuda® teacher and rehabilitation specialist, Mery holds a degree in Healthcare Sciences (B.Sc.) and is registered with the Healthcare Professional Council (HPC).

Mery’s tailored therapy programmes recognise that movement control and body kinetics are vital in injury prevention and athletic conditioning. Based on her specialist knowledge and experience, her therapy programmes can help maximise athletic performance and greatly benefit those with injuries, joint problems and muscle pain.

Therapies are performed under Mery’s direct supervision and involve muscle and soft tissue stretching and exercising in very specific directions and modalities, emphasising the three-dimensional nature of movement and coordination.

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