The Perform Southampton team

Our interdisciplinary team of sports medicine doctors work closely with our physiotherapists, podiatrists, sports and manual therapists to provide an all-round treatment programme tailored to you. In addition we have nutritionists, psychologists, strength and conditioning trainers, and exercise physiologists on hand to participate, where appropriate, in your very individual rehabilitation or performance programme. We really want you to achieve your maximal potential and we understand that exercise is medicine.

Musculoskeletal and Sports & Exercise Medicine Doctors (SEMs)

We boast two highly-experienced doctors Dr Mark Wotherspoon and Dr Steve Baynes who offer consultations to insured and self-pay patients throughout the week. They also offer a Rapid-Access Injury Clinic, a walk-in self-pay injury assessment clinic, every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

At your first consultation with one of our doctors you will get a full history of your problem taken along with details of your current level of activity and perhaps more importantly your future aspirations. This will be followed by a comprehensive examination not only of your injured or painful area or joint but also areas above and below so that any sequelae of your injury can be picked up and addressed. A working diagnosis will then be made at the end of that consultation and a management plan put in place and explained to you. Appropriate investigations, including imaging will then be organised in a timely manner and a follow up appointment for review of these booked. We pride ourselves on this process being prompt and patient-friendly.

Where surgery or onward referral is necessary we have a superb team of consultant colleagues at Spire Southampton Hospital to refer too who will then take on your onward care. You will almost certainly be referred back to Perform post-surgery to continue and complete your rehabilitation.

Click here to read more about the Perform sports doctors’ expertise.

Specialist physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of the shoulder, the spine, lower limb, podiatry (heel, ankle and foot) and sports injuries. Our physiotherapists also run Clinical Pilates classes. Click here to read more about our specialist physiotherapy team.

Sports and manual therapists

Our soft tissue specialists can treat a wide array of conditions including postural related neck/shoulder pain, cervicogenic headaches, mechanical lower back pain and sport related injuries and pains. Many people also use massage as a method of relaxing and maintaining their well-being. Click here to read about our sports therapists.

Body Movement Specialist

Mery Zanutto is a leading light in the field of body conditioning and rehabilitation. Specialising in enhanced sporting performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention, she creates personalised, one-to-one programmes that are designed to suit each client’s individual needs. Click here for more information on Mery’s studio and services at Perform Southampton.