Concussion Service | Spire Perform


Perform Southampton is delighted to be introducing a specialist concussion service led by Dr Mark Wotherspoon, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine and an expert team of Sports Physicians, Neurosurgeons, Neuro – Radiologists, Neuro – Psychologist and physiotherapists for patients of all ages.   We can offer a prompt referral for diagnostic imaging and onward referral where necessary at Spire Hospital Southampton.

Are you suffering with Concussion?
Have you had a blow to the head as a result of:
> taking part in sporting or other recreational activities
> being involved in a road traffic accident
> an accidental trip or fall

Concussion is commonly under diagnosed in many situations where the sudden but short-lived loss of mental function occurs
as a result of impact to the head. 
Symptoms of concussion may include:
> Memory loss – before and/or after the event
> Confusion
> Ongoing headache
> Nausea
> Drowsiness
> Loss of consciousness from which the person then recovers
> Change in behaviour
> Balance problems/difficulty walking