Clinical Rehabilitation | Spire Perform

Clinical rehabilitation at perform is a safe, personalised and tailored exercise programme designed to get the best benefits for you! The rehabilitation team use a diverse range of exercises and equipment that are implemented to gain the best outcome for improvement, whilst monitoring your symptoms to ensure only positives are derived from the session. Located in the gym area, the rehabilitation process is completed over a course of sessions where patients will progress from week to week. Using advanced technology, we can monitor your progress to visually demonstrate how you are improving.

Clinical rehabilitation focusses on gaining strength, mobility and function with the aim of returning to normal life, making your daily routines easier or progressing you further in your sport. This process is unique because the rehabilitators here at Perform are qualified and trained to assess and prevent any injury occurring through the rehabilitation process. The exercises are controlled and closely monitored to ensure you’re moving with the correct biomechanics and set to a level which is right for you.

1 hour session £30
Block of six 1 hour sessions £150
30 minute session £20
Block of six 30 minute sessions £100