Barre Plus classes | Spire Perform

Barre Plus is a mixture of ballet, pilates and aerobics set to funky music. It integrates fat burning work, with muscle strengthening to tone and reshape the entire body.

A large proportion of the class is taken standing at the barre, and so works on posture, which helps improve your core stability. Each exercise can be tailored to your individual needs, and so suits absolutely everyone, and don’t worry about your fitness level, as everyone’s fitness levels can be accommodated.

So come along to achieve the lean, sculptured body that you want, and banish the bingo wings and bulge! The class is run by Mel South, Perform's highly specialist physiotherapist and Barre Plus instructor.

Perform offers Barre Plus classes at our Millbrook centre. Classes are £10 pay as you go or £48 for a block of 6 sessions. To book a place please call 023 8076 4348.