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Simon Collins.jpgSimon Collins, Podiatrist

Qualifications: Bsc (Hons) Podiatry
Specialises:  Orthopedic foot and ankle
Simon gained his degree in Podiatry in 2000 as Student of the Year, initially working in the NHS.  His first post-graduate training position was in all aspects of podiatry.  He then went on to train in biomechanics and podiatry within a dual clinic with Specialist Podiatrists and Physiotherapists.  He later became an Extended Scope Podiatrist working in specialist orthopaedic foot and ankle clinics.  This post had a key training and lecturing role and Simon teaches regularly to local podiatry and physiotherapy groups.  His work has led to close ties with specialist knee and back physiotherapists. Simon has a strong background in working with sports persons of all abilities and ages, he has close working relationships with both foot and ankle orthopaedic consultants and physiotherapists.  He left the NHS in 2007 where he joined us at Spire where he provides multi-disciplinary clinics at Perform.

Gareth Klepacz.jpg

Gareth Klepacz, Podiatrist
Qualifications:  Bsc (Hons) Podiatry  Msc
Specialises:  Running Injuries
Qualifying in 2003 from the University of Southampton, Gareth commenced a post graduate programme to work in the area of clinical biomechanics and has worked exclusively in this area since this time.  He has provided local orthopaedic triage services for the National Health Service, was Clinical Lead for biomechanics and has previously been Chair for the Regional Expert Reference Group for biomechanics.  Gareth has been a competitive distance runner for nearly 30 years and still competes for Southampton Athletics club. He treats people of all ages and activity levels, and specialises in sporting and running injuries. Gareth is married with 3 children.

Mel South.jpg

Mel South, Specialist Foot and Ankle Physiotherapist
Qualifications: BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy and Msc Sports Injury assessment & rehab.
Specialises: Lower Limb Injuries, foot and ankle rehabilitation
Mel has specialized in foot and ankle rehabilitation for over 17 years and has worked closely with ankle surgeons and podiatrists to get the best rehabilitation for her patients.  Mel also has experience in working with Hampshire rugby, ice hockey and dancers.  Mel has a special interest in biomechanical assessment of movement, and uses this when treating all lower limb problems, including those of the hip & knee. Here at perform, Mel also teaches our Barre class and treats orthopaedic paediatric cases.