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My experience with the Alter G machine has been a fantastic one and I am convinced that my rehabilitation has massively  been enhanced due to the machine.  The Alter G is just what I needed after breaking my tibia and fibula.  Its ability to adjust the amount of weight-bearing is unbelievable and gave me real confidence to jog at an early stage. A fanastics Invention!


Mr M
Partner, Deloitte LLP
Ibrahim Hamato, Egyptian Table Tennis player epitomises the Paralympics. Respect.
RT : Excellent CPD and speakers with and Welsh regional rugby.
'Premier League clubs are being warned that they risk being sued by players'- says Perform's Mark Gillett
Great to meet you all - thanks for coming. Great hosts 👍🏉


Incorporating NASA technology, the Alter G treadmill optimises performance by customising body weight to aid rehabilitation after-injury or surgery. Put simply it is an anti-gravity treadmill that lowers a person's body weight to reduce the impact on the lower body, this means you can increase your cardio-vascular fitness and develop your running technique without overloading your tendons, ligaments or bones.

Our Alter G treadmill is also used by elite and amateur athletes to speed up recovery from injury and surgery, or in their preparation for events in the pursuit of optimising their performance.

Please note the Alter G is not available on a Sunday.

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