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Pathology Services


The blood is a window into the body’s health. Blood testing helps to bridge the gap between the theory and reality of what’s happening in the body. Professional athletes’ bodies are different from those of the population as a whole. As a result, a particular blood test for an athlete may produce an “abnormal” result, which would not appear in a non-professional sportsperson.

Blood tests help provide evidence of:
• Over or under training
• Carrying an undisclosed injury
• Inappropriate diet and nutrition
• Carrying undisclosed viruses affecting performance
• Recreational activities impacting peak fitness

Applying this scientific approach to understanding what’s happening in the body of the athlete can help athletes to become faster, stronger and more flexible. This helps to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and reduces the risk of injuries.

Perform offer a range of pathology services for professional athletes, weekend warriors or those recovering from a recent injury or accident – our high performance sport haematology service aids training, nutrition, and performance.

Our focus is on prevention and cure of sports injuries, whilst providing data to help optimise peak performance and endurance.

Undetected injury or illness can dramatically impact upon an athlete’s performance and a premature return to vigorous training may lead to a more serious condition providing regular analytical diagnostic assessment of the body’s chemistry, through regular blood screening, can help identify undetected injuries or illness at the earliest stages. This enables any treatment to be applied sooner, before physical symptoms manifest, to aid a speedier recovery.

This same process can provide evidence to prevent a premature return to training and even identify the early symptoms of over training.

Our Pathology services are flexible to the needs of your club. The Perform team can visit your your club to collect the bloods or we send the consumables for the club doctor to take and we arrange for collection and provide the analysis.

Pathology Services are offered at: