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My experience with the Alter G machine has been a fantastic one and I am convinced that my rehabilitation has massively  been enhanced due to the machine.  The Alter G is just what I needed after breaking my tibia and fibula.  Its ability to adjust the amount of weight-bearing is unbelievable and gave me real confidence to jog at an early stage. A fanastics Invention!


Mr M
Partner, Deloitte LLP

Perform combines elite medical expertise with leading technologies enabling you to perform at your very best


Perform has nine sites across the UK and is part of Spire Healthcare, a leading provider of private healthcare, with 39 private hospitals throughout the UK.

Spire has more than 3,800 consultants with a substantive practice at the group’s hospitals and other specialists to deliver tailored, personalised care to patients, whether they are funded through medical insurance or are paying for their own treatment.


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