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Ballet’s Common Theme with Football

Perform Press Office
2 November 2015

Different sports have great variants in terms of rules, audience and media value but in terms of physicality and skill level there are some extraordinary similarities.

Perform at St. George’s Park physiotherapist Beth Langley was recently given the opportunity to find out for herself how similar the Royal Ballet Healthcare Team is compared to that of the National Football Centre.

Many sports share the same gross motor skills and a prime example can be seen between football and ballet. On the surface these two sports could be considered polar opposites but in actual fact the skills the athlete and dancer practice are very much the same. Agility, balance and strength are core attributes to be successful and there are also similarities performed medically.

The Royal Ballet healthcare team is extremely innovative and efficient with the facilities they have. The clinicians use the same equipment and techniques as practiced at the Perform high performance centre. The National Ballet team is a very close knit team with the physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and Pilates staff all complimenting each other in an open-plan facility.

Beth commented: “It was great to have the opportunity to visit another high performance centre and it was astounding the similarities you can draw between football and ballet. It was a great experience and will help develop our services here at Perform by gathering as much information from high-class performance teams as possible and sharing the knowledge between us.”

It is important in sport that best practice is able to be shared as everyone is working towards the same goal of being the best they can be. Tips and tricks can be shared between institutions to further the development of British sport.

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